Din San has a massive range of outdoor garden pots and Gardening Planters. Brands such as IOTA, La Rustica, Terra Cotta Works, Garden Sheds Galore and Topez Wholesale. Our Pot range offers many different styles and sizes, these include:- Lightweight fibreglass, Granite, Terracotta, Slate and cement and foam Planters.


All Listed products are what we have in stock, other products can be ordered in or purchased from the supplier.

IOTA blue-bg-rgb

The IOTA range of Outdoor Garden Pots and Gardening Planters has been hugely successful in the UK and Europe for over 10 years with landscapers, designers and home gardeners and is now available to you in Australia. The IOTA brand is top of the range, superior in design, durability and quality is guaranteed. Your purchase is protected by the five-year outdoor guarantee on all IOTA products.

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Venice Cube 400mm
Venice Cube 500mm
Venice Cube 600mm

cube2_l Venice Taper 390mm
Venice Taper 530mm
Venice Taper 610mm
Venice Taper 1200mm
taper_l Venice Trough 500mm
Venice Trough 800mm
Venice Trough 1000mm

Slate Low Taper Large
Slate Low Taper Medium
Slate Tall Taper Large
Slate Tall Taper XLarge

2.l Slate Trough Large
Slate Trough Small
9.l Slate Tall Square Large 5.l
Granite Low Taper Large
Granite Low Taper Small
Granite Tall Taper Medium
Granite Tall Taper Large
Granite Tall Taper XLarge
Granite Low Taper 800mm
Granite Tall Taper 1100mm
Granite Low Taper 600mm
tall_taper Granite Trough Medium
Granite Trough Large
TroughGC Granite Tall Square Small
Granite Tall Square Large
Granite Cube 500mm



At La Rustica Potteries we offer a complete range of products brought from South America, primarily from Raquira, Colombia. A town popular for its artisans and the quality of their handcraft. Each one of our products is 100% handmade from techniques that data from our old indigenous ancestors, making them unique, special and very traditional.

We sell only products made from the best clay. Pieces of art which beauty gets finer with the sun and the rain, and which quality lasts for years.

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4 Pocket Herb Pot
Size A  
Size B 
Size C  
Size D

7 Pocket Herb Pot
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5
Size 6
Size 7



Decorated Cylinder Large
Decorated Cylinder Medium
Decorated Cylinder Small
Decorated Cylinder XLarge
Decorated Cylinder XSmall
Decorated Fat Cylinder Large
Decorated Fat Cylinder Medium
Decorated Fat Cylinder Small
Decorated Fat Cylinder XSmall
Decorated Tall Cylinder XLarge
Decorated Tall Cylinder Large
Decorated Tall Cylinder Medium
Decorated Tall Cylinder Small
Decorated Tall Cylinder XSmall

Deep Rectangle Planter Box 072
Deep Rectangle Planter Box 090
Deep Rectangle Planter Box Large
Deep Rectangle Planter Box Medium
Natural Tall Cylinder Medium
Natural Tall Cylinder XLarge
NaturalTallCylinder Ornament Angel Rectangle Plante OrnamentAngelRecPlanter Ornament Flow Oval Bonsai Size 1
Ornament Flow Oval Bonsai Size 2
Ornament Flow Oval Bonsai Size 3
Ornament Flow Oval Bonsai Size 4

Ornamental Flow Plant Box Large
Ornamental Flow Plant Box Medium

OrnimantalFlowPlantbox Ornament Sunflower Square Column Large
Ornament Sunflower Square Column Medium
OrnamentSunflowerSqu Painted Horse Pot Large
Painted Horse Pot Medium
Painted Pony Pot Large

Plain Oval Bonsai Size 1
Plain Oval Bonsai Size 2
Plain Oval Bonsai Size 4
Plain Oval Bonsai Size 5

OvalOrnamentBonsai Scandinavian Barrel Large
Scandinavian Barrel Medium
Scandinavian Barrel Small
Plain Rectangle Planter Box Medium
Plain Rectangle Planter Box Size 1
Plain Rectangle Planter Box Size 2
Plain Rectangle Planter Box Size 3
Plain Rectangle Planter Box XSmall
Plain Rectangle Plant Box Long Large
Plain Rectangle Plant Box long Medium

Plain Square Planter Box Large
Plain Square Planter Box Medium
Plain Square Planter Box Small

PlainSquarePlanterBox Scandinavian Barrel 2 Handle Large
Scandinavian Barrel 2 Handle Medium
Scandinavian Barrel 2 Handle Small
Scandinavian Fat Barrel Size 1
Scandinavian Fat Barrel Size 2
Scandinavian Fat Barrel Size 4
Scandinavian Fat Barrel Size 5
Scandinavian Tall Cylinder Col Large
Scandinavian Tall Cylinder Col Medium
Scandinavian Tall Cylinder Col Small
ScanTallCylinder Square Natural Column Large
Square Natural Column Medium
Square Natural Column Small



As the leader in the development of colour, shade and design, Terracotta Works collections have fast become favourites with retail customers across Australia. 
Our merchandise support programme enables the retailer to build themes designed to enhance sales and keep your garden center looking great.

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Cornerstone Malo Trough Pumice 100x45cm
Cornerstone Malo Trough Pumice 60x25cm
Cornerstone Malo Trough Pumice 80x35cm
Cornerstone Malo Trough Rust 100x45cm
Cornerstone Malo Trough Rust 60x25cm
Cornerstone Malo Trough Rust 80x35cm
CornerstoneMaloTrough Bely BWL OLD STN Epoxy LI 35x33cm
BelyBwlOldStnEpoxyLi Classic Square Light Bluestone 25x20cm
Classic Square Light Bluestone 35x33cm
Classic Square Light Bluestone 45x40cm
Classic Square Light Sandstone 25x20cm
Classic Square Light Sandstone 35x33cm
Classic Square Light Sandstone 45x44cm
Classic Trough Light Bluestone 100x40cm
Classic Trough Light Bluestone 60x24cm
Classic Trough Light Bluestone 80x32cm
Classic Trough Light Sandstone 100x40cm
Classic Trough Light Sandstone 60x24cm
Classic Trough Light Sandstone 80x32cm
ClassicTroughLightBluestone Cornerstone Crater Rust 43x24cm
Cornerstone Crater Rust 63x36cm
Cornerstone Crater Pumice 63x36cm

CornerstoneCraterRust Cornerstone Malo Cube Pumice 25x25cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Pumice 35x35cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Pumice 45x45cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Pumice 55x52cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Rust 25x25cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Rust 35x35cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Rust 45x45cm
Cornerstone Malo Cube Rust 55x52cm

Foshan BWL OldSTN Epoxy L 54x30cm
Foshan BWL OldSTN Epoxy L 72x39cm
FoshanBwlOldStnEpoxyL Garden Bowl Terracotta
Garden Bowl Terracotta
TerraCottaGardenBowl Lotus Crucible Saucer Blue 27x34cm
Lotus Crucible Saucer Blue 36x45cm
Lotus Crucible Saucer Blue 45x58cm
Lotus Crucible Saucer Blue 55x69cm
Lotus Crucible Saucer Mir 55x69cm
Rolled Rim Pot Terracotta 
Rolled Rim Pot Terracotta
Rolled Rim Pot Terracotta
Rolled Rim Pot Light Blues 45x40cm
Rolled Rim Pot Light Blues 60x53cm
Rolled Rim Pot Light Sand 30x25cm
Rolled Rim Pot Light Sand 45x40cm
Rolled Rim Pot Light Sand 60x53cm
TerraCottaRolledRimPot V Pot Blue Steel 25x23cm
V Pot Blue Steel 35x30cm
V Pot Blue Steel 55x50cm
V Pot Safari 25x23cm
V Pot Safari 45x43cm
V Pot Safari 55x50cm


Wreath Planter Blue Steel 27x25cm
Wreath Planter Blue Steel 35x32cm
Wreath Planter Blue Steel 44x40cm
Wreath Planter Blue Steel 55x49cm
Wreath Planter Oxblood Re 27x25cm
Wreath Planter Oxblood Re 35x32cm
Wreath Planter Oxblood Re 55x49cm




One of Melbourne's largest displays of Garden Sheds, Workshops, Studio's, Cubby houses, Aviaries, Dog Kennels and outdoor products.

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Le Fleur Round Planter Grey Large
Le Fleur Round Planter Grey Medium
Le Fleur Round Planter Grey Small
Le Fleur Round Planter Terracotta Large
Le Fleur Round Planter Terracotta Medium
Le Fleur Round Planter Terracotta Small
LeFleurRoundPlanter Boy with Fish On Plinth BowWithFish - -



Topez Wholesale specialises in wholesale and trade only supply of Elite quality Home / Corporate Decor & Garden products. Topez provides a unique offering with many items never before seen in Australia and stocks one of Australia's largest ranges of premium quality pots, urns, fountains, and water features

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Atlantis Aegean AtlantisArgean Atlantis Goreme Small AtlantisGoreme

Atlantis Milan Planter Large
Atlantis Milan Planter Small

Atlantis U Shape Planter Large
Atlantis U Shape Planter Medium
Atlantis U Shape Planter Small
AtlantisUShapePlanters Glazed Clas Plant Jet Black Large
Glazed Clas Plant Jet Black Small
GlazedClasPlantJetBlack Glazed Palace Pot big glazed palace pot in copper red

Glazed Tree Planter Blue

GlazedTreePlanterBlue Ironstone Davids Head
Ironstone Large Boot Planter
IronstoneDavidsHead Ocean Rock Alibaba OceanRockAlibaba
Ocean Rock Corinthian Pedestal corinthian_pedestal Ocean Rock Crompton Pedestal OceanRockGreekPedestal Ocean Rock Egg Pot Large
Ocean Rock Egg Pot Medim
Ocean Rock Egg Pot Small
Ocean Rock U Planter Small
Ocean Rock U Planter XLarge
OceanRockUPlanter Ocean Rock Greek Pedestal OceanRockCromptonPedestal Ocean Rock Neptune Planter Large
Ocean Rock Neptune Planter Medium
Ocean Rock Neptune Planter Small
Ocean Rock Neptune Planter XLarge
Old Stone Monster Crucible Large OldStoneMonsterCrucible Terrazzo Tall Round Planter Black Large TerraTallRoundPlanterBlack Terrazzo Cube Planter Black Large
Terrazzo Cube Planter Black Medium
Terrazzo Low Bowl B Black Large TerrazzoLowBowlBBlack Terrazzo Round Planter White Large TerrazzoRoundPlanterWhite Terrazzo Square Large TerrazzoSquare